Destructor / shredder from the manufacturer


Destructor / shredder from the manufacturer




Type: electric with hydraulic feed
Dimensions: 1830 x 1120 x 880 mm
Weight: 320 kg
supply voltage: 380V
single-phase Motor, power: 7.5 kW
hopper loading clearance: 370x370 mm
capacity: 70 l
l/h Performance: not less than 300 kg/h
receiving chamber Material: stainless steel
hydraulic feed waste compression Force: 8 t
with built-in fan and possibility to connect to exhaust ventilation.
Warranty: 12 months


Unique medical shredder has the following characteristics:


DESTRUCTOR is designed to equip health facilities, to solve the problems of medical waste disposal and full compliance with the requirements of modern legislation:

- after disinfection in the UOMO -01/150 - «O-CNT» Installation, medical waste is loaded into the DESTRUCTOR, in which there is a change in the product (appearance), eliminating the possibility of their re-use, which corresponds to paragraph 2.2, p. 5.12 SanPiN

Package contents

1. Destructor– 1 PC.

2. Operating instructions; product passport. 


shredder for medical waste from the manufacturer meets the requirements of SanPiN

p.2.2 After a hardware method of disinfection with the use of physical techniques and changes in appearance, precluding the possibility of their reuse, the waste is class “B” and “In” can accumulate, temporarily stored, transported, destroyed and buried together with waste of class A.

p. 5.12 Disposal of neutralized waste class B and C at the landfill is allowed only if the change in their presentation (grinding, sintering, pressing and so on) and they cannot be re-used.

This Destructor You can buy as complete with Installation for microwave disinfection of UOMO -01/150 – «O-tsnt», and separately, for the purpose of completion of LPU.