Microwave unit UOMO-01/150 for disinfection of medical waste from the manufacturer


Microwave unit UOMO-01/150 for disinfection of medical waste from the manufacturer




Size: 1200 x 535 x 565 mm
Weight: 55,00 kg
Supply voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 2.42 +/-10% kW
Chamber: 147 l
Performance: 20 kg or 60 liters per cycle
Total cycle time: 70 minutes (min)

Microwave disinfection system based on UOMO-01/150 -"O-CNT"



Radiation methods are the most Versatile and reliable way to disinfect medical waste. The essence of these methods is the effect of radiation on infected materials with the help of a microwave Installation UOMO-01/150 from the manufacturer, resulting in the death of all microorganisms.

The proposed UOMO-01/150 Is designed to disinfect medical waste of class b (hazardous) and class B (extremely hazardous), in places of primary education or centrally. Medical waste of class b and B infected with all kinds of bacterial and viral infections is disinfected in UOMO plants.

Package contents

  1. The Installation for microwave disinfection UOMO -01/150-"CNT" - 1 PCs.
  2. Heat-resistant disposable double-seam Bags with yellow labels & ndash; 300 PCs;
  3. Tank operational heat-resistant with a lid containing a filter nozzle & ndash; 2 PCs.;
  4. Heat-resistant storage Tank with lid & ndash; 3 PCs;
  5. Microwave disinfection sensitizer Solution & ndash; 5 liters;
  6. Disposable indicators & laquo;Pharmatest-110/10 & raquo; & ndash; 600 PCs;
  7. Medical stainless steel Table with laminated cover & ndash; 1 PC.;
  8. Operating instructions; product data sheet.

Microwave waste disinfection Plant:

The Advantages of the facility for microwave disinfection of waste:

Installation of microwave disinfection waste was all state tests and is fully certified, commercially produced since 2003 and is fully consistent with SanPiN, SanPiN 1.3.2322-08.

  1. Powered by household single-phase AC 220V/ 50Hz.
  2. No high temperature and pressure, no toxic compounds are formed.
  3. Energy costs are much lower than in high-temperature processing.
  4. The possibility of decontamination of medical waste (including liquid) at the site of their formation, significantly reduces the likelihood of spread of infections.
  5. Complete absence of disinfectants, both «before» and during processing.
  6. Cost  microwave installation  in  many times  below  imported  installations for  disinfection medical waste (in Russia there are no analogues).
  7. Warranty service for 12 months.