Packages for medical waste


Packages for medical waste



Modern packages for medical waste from the Russian manufacturer have the following properties

Medical waste is divided into five hazard classes depending on the degree of its epidemiological, Toxicological and radiation hazards, as well as the negative impact on the environment:
Class a– epidemiologically safe waste, close in composition to municipal solid waste.
Class b– epidemiologically hazardous waste.
Class B– extremely epidemiologically hazardous waste.
Class G-toxicologically hazardous waste that belongs to 1-4 hazard classes.
Class D  – radioactive waste.

   for each of these groups, appropriate types of packaging materials are used for storage, collection and further disposal of waste. Packages differ in color, each of which corresponds to a specific hazard class. The package has a window for entering information about the date of collection of medical waste and responsible for the collection of employee health care facilities, as packages are equipped with ties, which allows you to quickly seal the filled bag.

  The use of medical waste packages from the manufacturer allows you to comply with state norms and standards and to protect the population and staff from the spread of WBI during the collection, storage and transportation of waste.      

package Sizes for medical waste collection and storage (class a, B, B, D):
Size: 330x300mm. 
Size: 500x600mm.
Size: 800x700mm. 
Size: 600x1000mm.
Size: 700x1100mm. 


   medical waste disposal Packages of all four types are not intended for the collection and transportation of sharp objects (needles, scalpels, blades and the like), products of this type should accumulate in special containers.