Press destructor for medical waste from the manufacturer


Press destructor for medical waste from the manufacturer




Press Type: Hydraulic
Dimensions: 1700 x 380 x 500 mm
Weight: 170 kg
Supply voltage: 220V/50Hz
Engine Power: 2.2 kW
Pressing Force: 9 tons
Pressing Cycle: 30 seconds
Receiving chamber Volume: 60 litres

Microwave disinfection System based on the Installation of UOMO-01/150 -"O-CNT" in GBU"MORDOVIAN REPUBLICAN CLINICAL PERINATAL CENTER" 

The Press destructor is powered by a household single-phase AC 220V/ 50Hz.


High-Quality press for the disposal of medical waste from the Russian manufacturer has the following characteristics:


The Press is intended for equipment of medical facilities, for the purpose of the solution of tasks of utilization of medical waste and full compliance to requirements of the modern legislation:

- After disinfection in the Installation UOMO -01/150 - "CNT" medical waste is loaded into baler, in which the change of the commodity (external), excluding the possibility of their repeated use, which corresponds to claim 2.2, p.5.12 SanPiN

Package contents

  1. Medical waste Press– 1 PC.;
  2. The Removable tap for drain camera – 1 PCs.
  3. The Special packages increased strength – 50 PCs;
  4. Operating instructions; product data sheet. 

Advantages of the medical waste press from the manufacturer

The Press meets the requirements of SanPiN

p.2.2 After a hardware method of disinfection with the use of physical techniques and changes in appearance, precluding the possibility of their reuse, the waste is class “B” and “In” can accumulate, temporarily stored, transported, destroyed and buried together with waste of class A.

p.5.12 Disposal of neutralized waste of class b and B at the landfill is allowed only if their presentation (grinding, sintering, pressing and so on) and the inability to re-use them.

  1. The Compact baler allows you to place it together with Installing UOMO -01/150 - "CNT», and separately, in any convenient room.
  2. No special installation and configuration is required (runs on household single-phase AC 220V/ 50Hz).
  3. The waste Press is easy to operate, requires no special qualification of personnel.
  4. The Case is made of polished stainless steel.
  5. Adjustable feet, allow you to install the waste Press steadily even with defects in the floor.
  6. Flip camera simplifies the process of both filling and removing.
  7. An Additional drain hole in the chamber, equipped with a tap, allows not only to release the chamber from the liquid after pressing the waste, but also to disinfect it.
  8. The Decrease in volumes of medical waste class “A”, “B” and “In” by pressing to the ratio of 1:3, minimizes the costs of accommodation and temporary storage of medical waste.
  9. Warranty service for 12 months.


  Waste press You can purchase, both complete With the installation for microwave disinfection UOMO -01/150 – «O-CNT», and separately, for the purpose of retrofitting the health facilities. 

Based on the technical characteristics of this equipment, the recommended optimum ratio of Presses to Installations: one Press one to two working Installations.