Consumables for UOMO-01/150 from the manufacturer

high-Quality consumables for medical microwave installation from the Russian manufacturer.

Consumable materials for the installation for microwave disinfection UOMO-01/150-"CNT" from the manufacturer: truck - wheel bearing for tank, tank cumulative, the tank is operational, a solution of sensitizer, heat-resistant disposable packages. Consumables can be ordered separately, in the required quantity.

packages heat-resistant disposable with a double seam for medical waste of class"B" (with a yellow strip) and" B" (with a red strip) 300 pieces




sensitizer Solution-5L


heat-resistant storage Tank with lid 30L


tank operational heat-resistant with cover 30L.


indicator"Pharmatest-110/10", 500 PCs per pack




Trolley-wheel support for 30L tank